Theater/dance/art collaboration continues in music video....

And the Wiremen, two of the musicians who performed with "Construct", the dance/theater performance I worked with last summer, have just put out a fantastic video of their lovely song, "How Low the Sea". The video features the dancers from Construct as well as some of the props I created for the performance; namely, a wooden guitar (below) and wooden puppet. It's a magical mix of beautiful, haunting, and amusing.



Exhibition at the MuMA (Le Havre): The Human Frame/A Taille Humaine, Dec 6 – 8 

Nora Herting and I had a 2-day, 3-night exhibition at the MuMA, Le Havre (Musee d'art Modern Andree Malraux) from December 6 - 8, 2013. I exhibited my largest cut paper installation to date, Facade, which incorporated a new medium: projection! as well as a series of small pieces in paper and plaster, Library: Le Havre that explored connections between architecture and books.

Two blog posts about the exhibition, and other adventures in France, are up at

Many, many thanks to the French Institute  (, the City of Le Havre, and Triangle Arts Association ( for this amazing experience!

Facade, MuMA, Le Havre, Dec 608, 2013


News from Le Havre

A brief note on on the work Nora and I are doing for our upcoming exhibition at the MuMA (Musee d'art Modern Andree Malraux).


30 seconds of web fame

"Live in Le Havre" did a short filming of me in my studio for their weekly cultural webzine:

I think they did a great job! 

Next week they feature my fellow artist, Nora Herting. 


Work in progress, Le Havre

I've posted about some of the work I am doing during my residency on my travel blog:

It's been a fantastic few weeks so far and has brought exciting new developments in my work. Such is the power of the residency!