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2016 Artist Commission: Exelon Corporation

I recently completed six new cut paper "circuit" maps for Exelon Corporation's new building in Baltimore, MD. The circuit series makes visual and conceptual connections between circuit boards and cities while exploring layers of streets and structures that accummulate in cities over time. 

Four of the six were inspired by cities where Exelon is based: Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; and Philadelphia, PA. It was a treat to work from cities in which I had lived or frequently visited--it was like revisiting past lives. 

The last two maps were completely imagined but drew from past travels and present situations--when working on City #5 I was thinking of New York, Amsterdam, and Paris and when working on City #6 I was inspired by London. See the full set here.  


Baltimore, 2016, cut paper, graphite, glue, 38 x 38 in.  City #6, 2016, cut paper, graphite, glue, 38 x 38 in.   



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