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A Love Affair with the Brooklyn Navy Yard

I moved studios late last year and have been meaning to do an update on my new location because I absolutely love it. I’m in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is the coolest secret place in New York. It’s gated and guarded, so not the easiest place to access, but behind the walls is a world of massive steam pipes, old brick warehouses, decaying officers’ houses, docks, cranes, and tugboats. Super-freakin-cool.

My studio looks out over a very active dry dock where there’s a new tugboat or river cruise ship every few weeks. The dock can be emptied or filled in under an hour. Empty, the sculptural stepped walls of the dry dock are revealed; full, there’s a liquid landscape that echoes the East River behind it. Once I saw a scuba diver emerge from the watery dock. Even at mid-afternoon I felt like I was in a spy movie. 




The Navy Yard curves north along the Brooklyn coastline, crowded with cranes. These moveable, skeletal structures are having a big influence on my work....stay tuned!

And for more images of the beauties of the Navy Yard, follow me on instagram: stephaniebeckstudio  (https://instagram.com/stephaniebeckstudio/)





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