2016 Artist Commission: Exelon Corporation

I recently completed six new cut paper "circuit" maps for Exelon Corporation's new building in Baltimore, MD. The circuit series makes visual and conceptual connections between circuit boards and cities while exploring layers of streets and structures that accummulate in cities over time. 

Four of the six were inspired by cities where Exelon is based: Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; and Philadelphia, PA. It was a treat to work from cities in which I had lived or frequently visited--it was like revisiting past lives. 

The last two maps were completely imagined but drew from past travels and present situations--when working on City #5 I was thinking of New York, Amsterdam, and Paris and when working on City #6 I was inspired by London. See the full set here.  


Baltimore, 2016, cut paper, graphite, glue, 38 x 38 in.  City #6, 2016, cut paper, graphite, glue, 38 x 38 in.   




Fall 2015 Performances with Racoco Productions

I am thrilled to be collaborating with Racoco Productions again on new dance/theater performances this fall. Our latest inspirations are over-life-sized paper tower and crane-like constructions I have been creating obsessively in my studio. 

Rachel Cohen and Masumi Kishimoto in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, photo by Stephanie Beck

The first round of performances, entitled "New Developments", are part of the Soaking Wet series at the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew's West End Theater, 263 West 86th Street, NY, New York. We are sharing a program with Karen Bernard, Alice Tierstein, and Dierdre Towers.

Thursday, September 24th 2015  -  7:00pm 
Friday, September 25th 2015  -  7:00pm 
Saturday, September 26th 2015  -  7:00pm 
Sunday, September 27th 2015  -  2:00pm

 Ticketing info to Soaking Wet to come...

The second iteration, entitled "Unfold", is part of CollabFest at Triskelion Arts, 106 Calyer Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 18th 2015 - 8:00pm

Tickets to CollabFest ($16) are available here

 Come see what we've been up to! 



Olá Sao Paolo

One of my pieces has been included in a collection of images about paper art and design in the May 2015 edition of Brazilian magazine Arquitetura & Construção



A Love Affair with the Brooklyn Navy Yard

I moved studios late last year and have been meaning to do an update on my new location because I absolutely love it. I’m in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is the coolest secret place in New York. It’s gated and guarded, so not the easiest place to access, but behind the walls is a world of massive steam pipes, old brick warehouses, decaying officers’ houses, docks, cranes, and tugboats. Super-freakin-cool.

My studio looks out over a very active dry dock where there’s a new tugboat or river cruise ship every few weeks. The dock can be emptied or filled in under an hour. Empty, the sculptural stepped walls of the dry dock are revealed; full, there’s a liquid landscape that echoes the East River behind it. Once I saw a scuba diver emerge from the watery dock. Even at mid-afternoon I felt like I was in a spy movie. 




The Navy Yard curves north along the Brooklyn coastline, crowded with cranes. These moveable, skeletal structures are having a big influence on my work....stay tuned!

And for more images of the beauties of the Navy Yard, follow me on instagram: stephaniebeckstudio  (https://instagram.com/stephaniebeckstudio/)






Cut paper relief map for 379 Salt product design

A good friend in Philadelphia is starting a company selling hand-harvested Atlantic Ocean sea salt and commissioned a cut-paper relief map piece from me to use in her company product design. Designer Kendra Lebo did a lovely job integrating a photo of the piece into the company brand (see bottom image): 

Thanks, Bridget and Kendra!